50 Cent is still poking fun at JAY-Z's 4:44 album, insisting he felt like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's nerdy character Carlton Banks when he listened to it.

Upon the album's release last year (17), the In Da Club hitmaker called it "too smart" and suggested 48-year-old superstar JAY-Z would lose his young fan base.

"I thought the s**t was a'ight (alright)," he said. "I liked the s**t, but I'm gonna keep it 100 (tell the truth), the s**t was too smart. I felt like I was supposed to be wearing glasses and tie a f**king sweater around my waist. It was, like, Ivy League (top U.S. universities) s**t."

"I'mma (sic) tell you the truth, n**gas is hot out here," he added. "They don't wanna hear that s**t. They just wanna have a good time. F**k that. You can't be the best rapper at 47, because the new n**gas is here."

He subsequently clarified he wasn't trying to bash JAY-Z or his album, adding the rapper would know what he was saying.

"It's like writing from a billionaire's perspective in our culture, versus writing as a part of our culture," he added.

And 50 Cent is still taking shots at JAY-Z's new release, insisting the album is too mature and joking he felt like Banks, Will Smith's dorky TV cousin, while listening to it.

"Hip-hop culture's connected to youth culture," he told U.S. TV host Conan O'Brien on Tuesday (16Jan18). "He just had the maturity bleed off into the material... It's cool for me, like, in my car, I'm listening to it. But the kids, I don't see them actually listening to it."