Rapper G-Eazy has shrugged off photos which appear to show his singer girlfriend Halsey snorting a drug onboard a yacht.

The stars were partying off the coast of Miami, Florida on New Year's Day (01Jan18) when Halsey was caught on camera seemingly taking an unidentified white substance, which many fans suggested was cocaine.

G-Eazy was asked about the questionable photos during a recent interview on New York radio show The Breakfast Club, when he tried to brush off the drug claims.

Asked if Halsey was snorting cocaine, as the pictures suggest, he shrugged and replied, "I don't know," before confessing he himself was getting high on marijuana during the bash.

"It's New Year's Day, I'm on a yacht," he said. "What do you think I'm doing? You think I'm smoking weed...? Yeah, I am!"

G-Eazy suggests fans shouldn't be surprised as both artists discuss their drug use in their music, including a reference on their recent collaboration Him & I, although he is a little concerned with how the paparazzi managed to get hold of the snaps, which he considers a big invasion of privacy.

"It's weird, like, when we're on the middle of the water (sic), somebody with a mile-long lens... that's a long lens, and it's like s**t, can I live (sic)? We're literally in the middle of nowhere...," he grumbled. "That kind of thing... is new to me, so it's a weird thing not having that privacy."

Halsey has yet to comment on the New Year's Day photos.