Following Sigrid’s BBC Sound of 2018 win yesterday, The 21-year-old Norwegian pop sensation spoke to Matt Wilkinson’s Beats 1 show which will air on Monday 11am - 1pm.

Below are some sneak preview quotes:

On Lorde tweeting her about ‘Strangers'
It was really nice. She put one of my songs in her playlist as well - I think it was a playlist of music she listened to while making her record. And the funny thing was I listened to her while making my record. It’s really nice. We all get influenced by each other I guess.

On getting used to fame
I was on the phone with Elton John last year - that was crazy. My point with that is that it is quite mad.
I haven’t really met celebrities; I haven’t been invited to many… That’s [fame] not why I do this. I do that because I love music, because I love creating music. That some artists love my music, it’s a huge honour - it’s really cool.

On her show in Shepherds Bush in March - and it being sold out
I got the news just a minute ago. That’s incredible. It’s crazy to get that response in a country that I’m not from - I’m Norwegian. I thought growing up while making my first songs that it would never be possible for me to sell out shows in another country. But it’s actually happening - I can’t wait to play.

On her debut album coming in 2018
I’m working on it. We're aiming for 2018. But the most important thing is that I want to release it when it’s finished. I’m not going to be pushed to any date, it’s going to be out when it’s out and finished.
We have around 60 demos - so it’s a lot of songs. I spent almost the whole of 2016 in London every week writing and writing and writing. I have been writing a lot last year as well. And I’m going into the studio next month as well. I’m continuously writing.

On collaborations on the album
I don’t see myself as a very mysterious person, but I’d like to stay a bit secretive on it. I’m working with a lot of different writers and producers.

On her stage presence after being a shy kid
My family are still in shock - they never expected me to become an artist. I was always the shy kid who loved to play piano.

Sigrid will be appearing on Matt Wilkinson’s Beats 1 show on Monday (11am-1pm) via