Newlywed country stars Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans almost lost a collection of their honeymoon photos after Morgan dropped his cell phone into the ocean.

The couple wed in a beach ceremony in Mexico in early December (17) and jetted to Bora Bora to kick off 2018, with both singers documenting their romantic vacation on social media.

However, they suffered a panic on Sunday (07Jan18) after Morgan lost his grip on his iPhone as he filmed Kelsea facing her fear of the ocean by jumping in.

Kelsea posted the video on Instagram, in which Morgan appeared to be capturing the daring pier leap while paddling in the water.

After her successful jump, the camera, which was still recording, suddenly plunged into the ocean, before they were able to rescue the phone.

"I'm scared of the ocean. I jumped. He filmed," she captioned the clip. "Then this amazing #fail was caught on camera."

Luckily for the pair, the iPhone emerged undamaged: "Somehow, no iPhone was harmed in the making," she added, alongside the hashtag, "#10ftunder".

It was the first of two close calls the couple experienced on Sunday.

In a message on Twitter, Kelsea later told fans, "Jumped in the water today like a big kid and told myself there wasn't anything scary because it was too shallow and I KID YOU NOT we go to look at the fish a few hours later in the same spot and there is a SHARK CIRCLING THE HUT. GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD I CANNOT GO ON. #sharknado".