Louis Tomlinson wants to give fans more control over his music.

After topping charts around the globe with band One Direction, Louis is now trying his luck as a solo star, just like his bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan.

He's yet to release his first album, and before he does, Louis wants to know exactly what his fans want to hear from him.

"I am only guessing what they want, so are the label. They (the fans) f**king know what they want! There is a way of us working together," he mused to British newspaper Metro. "I don't think they get enough responsibility... give them more."

The 26-year-old has so far released three singles, teaming up with superstar DJ Steve Aoki and pop babe Bebe Rexha on two of them.

Luckily for Louis, fans of One Direction, who are on an official hiatus, support his solo work, and he's more than happy to chat with his followers.

However, he can spot a fake fan a mile off and has no time for people looking for bragging rights.

"When it's a fan, it's a fan and they are amazing people," he mused. "They are the f**king reason I do what I do. But, when you are in a bar and you know someone has just come up to ask you for a photo for Facebook, you are like, 'You know what lad, I don't want to be famous. And I don't want to be famous for you taking a photo, so you can put it on Facebook and f**king Jenny from Scunthorpe (English town) can give you a like.' That's not my vibe.

"It sounds simple, but when people say, 'Your latest single was amazing,' it means a lot. So it's nice sometimes to hear something other than, 'Can I have a photo? Can you follow me on Twitter.' To actually have a chat with people is cool."