Luke Bryan spoke about his struggles with grief as he prepares to spend Christmas with his loved ones.

The 41-year-old country singer was just 19 when his brother Chris was killed in a car accident. Then, in 2007, his sister Kelly suddenly passed away, leaving him devastated.

Tragically, in 2014 Kelly's husband Ben died, leaving Luke and his wife Caroline to take care of the couple's three orphaned children.

And in the run up to the festive season, the singer finds it hard to deal with the huge loss in his family.

"Our Christmases are... they bring a lot of emotions," Luke told Entertainment Tonight. "A lot of wonderful memories and a lot of emotions of, 'God, we wish so many members of our family were here.' But I tell you what, we as a family, we get together and we do have a fun experience."

The Play It Again hitmaker, who shares Thomas, nine and Tatum, seven, with wife Caroline, is looking forward to spending Christmas at home, despite it still needing renovation work doing to it.

"This will be our second Christmas in our home and we're still getting all the kinks worked out to the house. So we were prematurely in our home last Christmas," Luke said.

The singer joked to ET about how he and his wife fight more in the run up to the Yuletide season, but they stop bickering by Christmas Eve.

"I think I even said on (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy) Fallon the other night, we get all our fights out hopefully on the first night. But you know, it's the all-American Christmas," he laughed.

"Caroline and I were on the phone. She was a little stressed about some of the Christmas shopping. It wouldn't be Christmas without getting in some traffic, you know, the holiday stress where you gotta have a beer mid-afternoon just to calm down... well, maybe a beer around noon, not mid-afternoon," Luke joked.