Pink is terrified her poorly, elderly dog will die while she's away.

The What About Us singer travels the world thanks to her busy schedule, and while she feels lucky to have such an exciting, global career, Pink finds herself constantly worrying that one of her pet pooches will pass while she's not at home.

"My dogs are old, like 15. One of them is getting ready to go," she told Britain's Daily Star newspaper. "He’s going to be at home on the ranch for the end. If he went when I was gone then I would never forgive myself - he’s been my babe.

"I have three rescues, two are brother and sister and have never spent a day apart in their lives and I’m really sad that one is getting sick. In my head I thought maybe they’ll get struck by lightning together, it seems quick."

Another aspect of the dog's potential passing Pink is worrying about is how to explain it to her six-year-old daughter Willow.

"It will be Willow’s first experience of losing pets and that’s not gonna be fun," she added.

Pink recently revealed she's raising Willow and 11-month-old son Jameson, her children with husband Carey Hart, in a gender neutral, "label-free" household. But doing so may be difficult considering the amount of teasing that goes on in schools.

Recalling Willow's experience of teasing over appearance, Pink said: "One of Willow’s friends has been made fun of about her glasses, and another boy was told he looks like a girl – it starts at a very young age. I’m trying to change the narrative but I can only change so much."

And although some children might relish having a world-famous popstar for a mother, Willow isn't a fan of being Pink's daughter.

“It’s the opposite," Pink mused. "She doesn’t like attention. I went to pick her up and her friend started singing one of my songs, Willow said, 'Ugh it’s not even one of the good ones.'"