Drake worked as a touchline reporter for his beloved Toronto Raptors basketball team on Wednesday (29Nov17).

The Canadian hip-hop star is a huge fan of his hometown franchise, and can often be seen courtside at their Air Canada Centre home during games.

For their match against the Charlotte Hornets, he got even closer to the action by joining the Raptors' broadcast team to commentate on the game and conduct a post-match interview with star player Kyle Lowry.

Drake asked Lowry what inspired him to score 36 points in the Raptors' 126 to 113-point win, and the sports star credited watching the musician sing as driving him to give the season-best performance.

During his stint in the commentary booth, the rapper also joked about opposition player Jeremy Lin's intricate tattoos, saying it looked like he had a "cryptic" code written on his leg.

The team are currently enjoying a successful season, as they are on course to qualify for the National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs next spring (18).

The Hotline Bling musician, who has served as the global ambassador for his hometown team since 2013, also hosted the inaugural NBA Awards in June.

Last year (16), Drake caused controversy after getting involved in a game against the Chicago Bulls.

In the dying seconds of the contest, the 31-year-old began talking to Bulls player Justin Holiday, who was attempting to restart play from the sideline.

Holiday attempted to ignore Drake but held onto the ball for longer than the five seconds allowed in the rules of basketball, resulting in a foul which regained the ball for Toronto. Despite his intervention, the Raptors lost that game 109-107.