Stephen Belafonte has blasted his estranged wife Mel B on social media for snatching his stepdaughter Angel from him.

The former Spice Girl star filed for divorce from the producer in March (17) and got a restraining order against him, claiming he had been abusive during their almost 10-year marriage.

After a nasty court battle, they reached a settlement early in November over the abuse allegations and she dropped her order, and both parties were said to be still negotiating the custody agreement over their six-year-old daughter Madison.

Stephen celebrated the progress on social media, but less than two weeks later, he has returned to call for some access to his 10-year-old stepdaughter Angel, Mel's daughter with Eddie Murphy, who he has raised since she was an infant.

"I have a broken heart until I can talk or see my step daughter!" he wrote on Instagram. "Even though I would receive NO I repeat NO money from seeing her she was snatched away from me after Angel was told that I would still be able to see her and she asked me while she was crying to promise I would never abandon her and have not seen her or been able to respond to angel as I am not her legal guardian just a stepfather!!"

He continued to explain, alongside a picture of Angel and Madison playing with him on a sofa, that he has no rights as she is not his biological child and he didn't adopt her, but he is thankful that the court gave him permission to fight for visitation back in August.

"Why any mother would want there (sic) daughter who was raised from infant and loved to never see her father as a nasty divorce tactic when my daughter Madison is allowed to which makes Angel feel like she has been abandoned is so perplexing I’m at a loss of words!!! #iloveuangel #ididntabandonyou," he concluded.

As the domestic violence claims were settled, the estranged couple are now able to hash out their divorce.