Rita Ora was driven by a sense of “desperation for validation” when recording her new album.

The 26-year-old singer is currently gearing up to release a follow-on record from her 2012 debut Ora and has already found success with singles Your Song and Anywhere.

It comes after a tough period severing ties with her former record label, JAY-Z’s Roc Nation, and she hopes her new material shows how hard she’s worked on her comeback to music.
"I think with this album, what makes a Rita Ora song is that it's got that desperation for validation – do you know what I mean?” Rita, who is now signed to Atlantic Records, mused to noisey.vice.com. “You can feel it in songs like Anywhere and Lonely Together, which I think represent my album so well. It's all kind of guitar-based and I think people didn't expect that. Anywhere almost sounds like a country record before you get this, like, EDM drop."

The star also recalled feeling trapped in her last contract and having to wait for so long for the public to hear her tunes. Luckily her fans were on hand to support her via social media, and to keep her busy Rita had stints on TV shows including The X Factor and The Voice in the U.K., and America’s Next Top Model.

"You know, I couldn't be putting music out, and I had these offers coming over to me, so why wouldn't I take them?” she said. What else would I have done? I was like, 'I'm just gonna be in your faces all the time until you realise what the hell you've done.' It worked!”

And what’s most important is that she herself is proud of everything she’s achieved, insisting that she represents Great Britain “extremely well” thanks to her pride and global presence.