Iggy Azalea has denied she's dating American footballer Odell Beckham Jr.

The Fancy rapper was first linked to the New York Giants player back in May (17) when they featured in a group photo at a Los Angeles bowling alley, but she denied a romance at the time, telling TMZ that she didn't even know him and had never had a conversation with him.

The speculation came into the spotlight again this week (beg23Oct17) when a source told Us Weekly that they were "hooking up" with each other, but had a non-exclusive arrangement.

Iggy has now taken to Instagram to blast the rumours, claiming they have affected her so much she's losing sleep.

"Stop trying to make me and Odell a thing. We weren't dating back in May & we aren't dating now!" she wrote. "I try my best to stay quiet and not let the things I see written throw me off; but today this s**t is taking a toll on my REAL, PRIVATE, LIFE and the people in it I care about in a way that's got me losing sleep.

"I can't sit back and let you all drag my name in the mud talking about how I'm someone's f**k friend, when Ive done noooooothingggggg but mind my business (sic). Keep my name out of your fan fiction, soap opera, bored housewives bulls**t - please! That s**t you say for fun & games really effects people real relationships (sic)."

Odell, who has previously been linked to Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose, has not commented on the speculation.

Iggy, 27, was previously engaged to basketball star Nick Young but they split in 2016 after he was hit with infidelity rumours.