December 2015. In a dark basement of a photographic studio somewhere in Brussels, FITZ ROY lays the first stone of a powerful and melodious rock project. Until September 2016, the band was busy seeking the right drummer, and so grew into its current composition. Through the following months, FITZ ROY put finishing touches to their style and broaden their playlist. Though the singer's voice tone may lead many to qualify the band as 'grunge', FITZ ROY's sonority remains a subtle harmony mixture ; hues of metal here, hints of stoner there.

Heavy and straight riffs. Rhythm is lifted up by drum beats bringing us back to good old 90's of Seattle.

January 2017, FITZ ROY record their first studio album at Jet Studio. Mixing will be done by April at Rec'N Roll, with Charles de Schutter.

FITZ ROY consists of François Chandelle (guitar///lead vocals///lyrics), Edouard Chandelle (guitar///backing vocals), Dawid Nowak (bass) and Hadrien Pierson (drums)

FITZ ROY is the name of a monolithic rocky formation located in Patagonia.