Lin-Manuel Miranda and Lady Gaga lead celebrities shaming President Donald Trump for his criticism of leaders and residents of devastated Puerto Rico on Saturday (30Sep17).

Carmen Yulin Cruz, Mayor of capital city San Juan, directly begged Trump for help during a press conference on Friday (29Sep17) after the Caribbean island, a U.S. territory, was devastated by Hurricane Maria last month (Sep17).

“We are dying here,” Cruz said, as she tried to contain her emotions. “I cannot fathom the thought that the greatest nation in the world cannot figure out the logistics for a small island of 100 miles by 35 miles... So, Mr Trump, I am begging you to take charge and save lives.”

Trump’s tweets in response - in which he criticised Cruz for “poor leadership” and added, speaking of the people of Puerto Rico, “They want everything to be done for them” - sent celebrities scrambling to register their disgust.

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has family members on the island, wrote on Twitter: “You’re going straight to hell @realDonaldTrump. No long lines for you. Someone will say, "Right this way, sir."

In a separate tweet, he added, “She (Cruz) has been working 24/7. You have been GOLFING.” And in a third, he called Trump “a congenital liar”.

Lady Gaga also took to Twitter, noting: “I (think) it’s clear where the ‘poor leadership’ lies. Puerto Rico is part of the United States. This is our responsibility.”

The Big Sick star Kumail Nanjiani echoed many A-listers' thoughts with his Twitter comment that “He (Trump) would never talk this way about a predominantly white community,” while John Legend concluded, “Trump continues to dominate the sh**tiest president ever competition.”

Trump posted a further series of tweets on Saturday afternoon, announcing "#fakenews critics are working overtime" and adding, "We must all be united in offering assistance to everyone suffering in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in the wake of this terrible disaster."

His latest comments prompted a response from 2016 U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who tweeted: "Don’t let anyone make you feel alone. We are with you and Puerto Rico."