Charli XCX had a total "freak out" when she first spoke to her celebrity crush Bill Murray.

The British singer-songwriter recently premiered her latest single Boys, along with a music video featuring an ensemble cast of male celebrities, including Joe Jonas and Brendon Urie.

While Charli may have some famous friends, she admits that she became very nervous when she bumped into the Lost in Translation star.

"When I saw Bill Murray in a hotel lobby in L.A. and had a total freak out," she recalled to Q magazine. "We were walking past him and he said that he liked my shoes and I had a breakdown and ran out of the lobby. I have a crush on him, that's a key point to the story. My friends were like, 'You should say hi and invite him to a party!' And I went, 'We need to leave. Get in the car.' I was so nervous."

With new music in the works, Charli is often too busy to be hitting the dating scene. But she warns potential suitors that they shouldn't expect any fancy cuisine as she isn't a great cook.

"(The last time I cooked) was 27 December 2014. I had a dinner party for all my friends at my parents' house and I didn't even cook. I pretended to cook but my mum cooked everything and I just put it on plates. I'm the worst cook ever. I wish I could cook, but I just can't," the 25-year-old sighed.

The After the Afterparty hitmaker is a regular on the club circuit and has recently been spotted hanging out with the likes of Flume and Tove Lo. However, she admits that hangovers following big nights out on the town are less than ideal.

"(Recording) sessions often suffer because I would have gone out with someone the night after a session and then there'll be one the next day and it's like, 'Ah, something's got to give,'" laughed Charli.