Liam Gallagher has ruled out ever appearing on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke.

The TV segment has seen stars including Mariah Carey, Ed Sheeran and One Direction enjoy a drive around with the host while belting out some of their biggest hits. However, Oasis rocker Liam won't be joining the cast list, having some less than flattering remarks about the presenter.

During an interview with Britain's GQ magazine, Liam was asked if he would ever make an appearance on Carpool Karaoke, to which he replied: "No, thank you very much. No f**king chance, mate. With that fat bloke from Kevin and Perry?"

When girlfriend Debbie Gwyther corrected him that James' former comedy series was actually called Gavin & Stacey and he had "never watched it", Liam hit back: "I don't need to watch it to know I won't like it. James Corden is a k**bhead."

Liam regularly hits headlines for his rude comments about other celebrities and brother and former bandmate Noel Gallagher, and he kept up the trend as he appeared on Rolling Stone's Music Now podcast, where he spoke about a potential Oasis reunion.

"The English press seem to think that I'm going 'round giving the fans hope and then in the same breath, or the next interview, shooting them down," Liam mused. "All I said the other day on that Beats Radio (interview) was before we get back together, if we get ever back together, we'd have to become brothers and friends again."

Liam imagines that if they buried the hatchet and started hanging out again they would inevitably decide to work together as the band once more.

"I know he doesn't want to be supporting U2 and playing a third of a stadium half-empty when he could do it himself with his brother. I would prefer to be speaking about an Oasis album than a Liam solo album. And I know Noel Gallagher would. We're better together."