Last night on Beats 1 the legend that is Goldie joined Julie Adenuga in the studio ahead of the release of his first album in 20 years (dropping Friday.) On the show they discussed upcoming music with Skepta, talked about the new album, Goldie’s upcoming memoir, London right now and much more!

Goldie on working with Skepta
G: "Even with your boy, that Skepta track is pretty deep, and I really love that track and I hope it sees the light of day, I think we’re going to do a collaboration. It was a song we did after the album, it’s coming as a limited 12, like a really limited, Boy Better Know Metalheadz, there’s always been this thing about two crews and no man is an island, and I love that project, I think it’s one of those standalone piece.”

Goldie on London
G: "It’s a weird place at the minute, but I just think that, a lot of people are latching on to the Grime thing which is great, obviously Skepta’s doing really well, Boy Better Know has been smashing it up, I think the whole general thing with everything is that, when there’s political unrest, there’s change, and that’s good. I kind of welcome the change in the music really, and you need that. You need a few upstarts and cat amongst the pigeons and all that.”

Goldie on his memoir
G: "The memoir is out in October, it’s called All Things Remembered, which was kind of based on what the album was, it’s kind of like in between, it was based on that six month period of time travel. We as urban people, we forget when someone was talking all this madness, we thought it’s in a literal sense, but we have the ability to time travel. You have the internet, you’ve got these machines that you can go back and forth in time, and see Dorothy Dandrige, and see Led Belly, and see Stevie Wonder’s first performance and Hendrix and the Stones and all of these people, and that’s a great encyclopaedia that we can learn from. I think if you have that kind of advantage in music."

Goldie on his song writing process
G: "We spent two months mixing it here so it’s a four month process, but for that kind of album in that kind of capacity, it took me 18 months to make Timeless, so this is kind of like, okay, now I know what I’m doing, the technique, I finally feel like I’ve arrived at the point to be able to produce really well."

Goldie on playing for Caterine Zeta-Jones
G: "I will never forget, I was in New York one time, Catherine Zeta-Jones used to go to the Blue Note, she used to go to Cafe de Paris with her brother, because her brother was a drum and bass mad from Wales, they used to have a table upstairs. This is when she was really peaking at her career, and she said, I want you to come to New York, so I get all these people calling my manager, and we go to New York. I’m doing a gold party for 200 people, some gold tequila, and this security guard walks over and says, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas would you like at their table, I’m like, I’m in a mix you idiot, I’m in a mix!”

Goldie on what his new album is
G: "It is THE album. For me it’s the magnus opus, without a shadow of a doubt. Timeless is a beautiful album, and it’s rose tinted, we had babies with it, I get it. But this is the big brother to the sister.”

Goldie on the new album ‘The Journey Man'
G: "This album is 35 years of my musical history, so you’ve got Mad Mike Detroit, with the Timelines Boys and you’ve got Pat Metheny, you couldn’t put those two guys in a room and have a conversation...
So I speak to a lot of different artists, and I’ve worked with John Dixon on this album, who is straight out of Detroit, an unbelievable pianist, and I think I just want to sharpen the skill on the songwriting aspect of the album, because songwriting is one of the things I never really got the credit for.”