Heart singer Ann Wilson's husband has entered a guilty plea to two counts of assault against her teenage nephews.

The rocker's spouse, Dean Wetter, was arrested for physically attacking her sister Nancy's two kids last summer (16) and on Friday (14Apr17) he was sentenced for the violent crimes.

According to Seattlepi.com, the 65-year-old accepted a plea deal in which he is obligated to pay restitution to his victims, undergo counselling and be on probation. He is not allowed to contact the teenagers as part of the agreement and the 364 days in jail time Dean was slapped with as part of the plea deal has been suspended for now.

Wetter was taken into custody in August (16) after he choked 16-year-old twin brothers Curtis and William Crowe – his wife Ann's nephews who are the sons of Heart guitarist Nancy and her former husband, director Cameron Crowe.

According to court documents obtained by People magazine, the incident began as a verbal argument but escalated quickly when Wetter "flew into a rage" and "slapped and punched the first boy in the back of the head before grabbing him by the neck."

"When the boy's brother intervened, the defendant wrapped his hand around the boy's neck and strangled him, cutting off his breathing to the point where he thought he was going to die," the legal papers read.

The alleged incident happened in front of three witnesses and Wetter immediately confessed his wrongdoings to the police.

Rocker Ann and her sibling Nancy fell out over the family assault drama and have since carved up their band Heart.