John Legend doesn't let the pressure of album sales worry him when he’s making a record.

The award-winning singer, who has an Oscar to his name as well as 10 Grammys, released his fifth studio album, Darkness and Light, in December (16). The record hit the top spot in New Zealand but failed to reach the top 10 in Britain or John’s native U.S., though it did fare well in the R&B charts.

“Not everyone is going to be happy with every album and with every song but when I put music out, I do it with the confidence that my fans will love it or at least give it a chance,” John told Fault magazine. “The feedback from Darkness and Light has been amazing and it has been my best-reviewed album to date.

“When I was finishing it, a lot of my friends felt like it was my best work and I felt the same so I was more excited that nervous for people to hear it. I don’t go too much into numbers and charts, what’s important is that people love it and I’ve heard they do.”

The album features collaborations with other A-list music stars, including Chance the Rapper and Miguel.

Around the time of Darkness and Light’s release 38-year-old John was also busy promoting Oscar-winning movie La La Land, which he starred in alongside Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

“I loved it and it was really fun to be a part of it,” he said of shooting the movie. “I loved working with Ryan and I didn’t work much with Emma but she’s a wonderful actress and did great in the movie. It was a really cool experience and to be part of something so special and meaningful to so many people.”