Junk Antique is a new collective, sharing the love of rock, blues, grunge and soul. Front man, Nix Dadry (vocals/guitar) reflects on the experiences in music so far.

The naiveté, the truth, the lies, the good guys and bad guys. After making two albums and playing live in London, Birmingham, New York & Istanbul with his first band, he parted ways. Time passed and as different pursuits came and went, a reunion with one of his old band mates occurred.

Greddy Sohal (bass) had also been involved in various projects but true chemistry never goes away. With their debut album “Magic Water” & video of first single “Black Cocaine” just released, the band is eager to play live. Alongside others out there, they’d like to reclaim music for those who actually have something to say.

Junk Antique - Black Cocaine (Official Video)
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