Nadia Tehran meets Radio 1Xtra's Sian Anderson in London to talk about her life and inspiration.

She’s a second-generation Swedish-Iranian, hip-hop artist, shot her music video for Refugee in Iran (which is considered illegal), and describes her music as borderless saying:

“I’ve always felt borderless. It’s not about how you look, it’s an energy. We’re all together in this feeling of belonging and not belonging”

Meet Nadia Tehran.

Her music explores the limits of personal and political identity – she’s proud of her heritage and so despite being still relativity unknown in the music industry, she’s just been cast as the face of the latest Smirnoff campaign.

Find out what happened when Radio 1 Extra’s Sian Anderson meet Nadia Tehran below.

Join with Nadia Tehran

Nadia Tehran is a second-generation, Swedish-Iranian, hip-hop artist, raised in a migrant community in a small Christian town in Sweden. Earlier this year she released her first EP, Life is Cheap, Death is Free. The EP was supported by her first single and music video release Refugee, which was shot in Iran, despite laws that prohibit solo female performances and thus the production was considered illegal.
Nadia’s music explores the limits of personal and political identity - it is all about going out and being proud, being who you are and being open to how other people are

Sian Anderson is a broadcast personality, grime music specialist and youth mentor. Sian (alongside Julie Adenuga) runs a youth mentoring programming, True Calling.
As a Radio 1Xtra DJ, Sian holds down a specialist presenter DJ slot that focuses on urban music culture as well as being a freelance journalist for a handful of publications including Fader, I-D Magazine, Red Bull and Noisey (VICE).