Last night on Smallzy’s Surgery on the Nova Network, The Backstreet boys popped into the L.A Studio alongside Smallzy where he’s there for the week, to talk about their upcoming global tour as well as sharing some Aussie memories they have cherish forever!

Nick Carter and Howie D spoke about how they visited Australia 4 years ago on their A World Like This Tour, and Nick said “Look, we miss Australia, we love it down there, and we always try and find excuses to come back down under!”

Smallzy Congratulated the boys on their Grammy Museum Exhibit in L.A, and Nick said “We had to go through our garages and storage to find some of this stuff!” that is in the showcase.
Howie: The things that are really cool to see are some of the costumes that we pulled out of the boxes
Smallzy: Did you try any of them on again to see if they fit?
Howie: My Stuff stunk so bad, like a dead rat was in some of those boxes! The fact that it’s out here (in the museum) it has a chance to breathe and gain life again!
Nick: when you come and see these on display, you’ll see little descriptions of what year it was for and what show, and Howie’s mum had like, a tour jacket, and these were only made for people who were immediate family or stuff like that, like really cool things people have never seen before.
We have really cool interactive stuff too – like this really cool Hologram that you can touch the screen and take pictures with; and we’ll talk to you back! It’s very strange and modern day!

Smallzy: it’s been 23 years since the first album – is there where you’d see yourself 2 decades on?
Nick: the Grammys thing is very special and unique – to be part of it – I mean, when we were looking at all the memorabilia, we didn’t want to leave. It connects with us because we lived through those years and toured through those years, and the costumes bring back all the memories.

Smallzy: Do you have any memories of the crazy things you got up to in Australia all those years ago? Didn’t you guys come to Australia for like 12 hours for the Blue & Black album?

Nick: I remember! We took on this crazy idea of promoting the Album Black and Blue and it was 100 hours, 6 continents – we started off in Europe, then flew over to Australia – everything was themed to be Black and Blue, so I remember walking off the plane, it was cold over in Europe, so we were in trench coats and boots, and we get out and it’s the hottest in the season – we walked to Bondi Beach with Crocodile boots! Anyway, one of the thigs I remember was, Melissa Joan-Hart was coincidentally there at the same time promoting or filming some movie.

Howie: another one I think, was, we were with the New Kids on the Black Tour, and we went and saw the Jabberwockies, we had a lot of fun!

Smallzy: You’re wrapping up the residency in Vegas, how does it feel?
Nick: Vegas is really really cool, we thank them so much for being part of the Backstreet boys Story, we call it the biggest stage in America and the world, and I love it there, I’m going to keep my house!

Smallzy: So that wraps up then you’ll head onto the world tour – you have families now with tour..
Howie: and that’s fresh and new! Nick and I can’t wait to bring our kids to Australia and show what we could experience over the years – it’s awesome, we’re artists, and by being creative you got to keep on doing things to move our brains – at this point we’re itching to go back on the road!

Smallzy: lighting round of questions for you guys now..
23 years in the industry, what’s been the biggest change you have seen in the industry from then to now?
Howie: it’s got to be social media
Nick: its fast and people can put on music for 30 seconds and that’s entertainment
Smallzy: any outfits, wardrobes or hairstyles you’ll never do again?
Nick: Baggy Pants, but I think it’s coming back around!
Smallzy: is there a message for your Australian plans? You don’t have dates yet but I assume it’s in the works?
Nick: Sit tight, we are on the way! We will not miss Australia and when it comes – I mean, we are bringing one of the best shows we’ve ever done, from the last 20 days of rehearsals we have done – it’s going to be huge, and a big spectacle. We can’t wait to show you guys.

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