New Romantics Who Never Were: New Book Showcases the Fascinating, Untold Story of Spandau Ballet and three lucky winner can get their hands on one!

Meticulously researched by David Barrat, ‘New Romantics Who Never Were’ puts conventional music history aside to tell the “secret”, untold story of one of the 1980s most iconic and influential bands. Based on interviews with fans, acquaintances of the band and even Michael Henderson, the original bass player in Spandau’s first incarnation, Barrat sheds light on everything from the origin of the band’s name, to how their success can be pinned on one Evening Standard journalist.

Etched in history for their technical excellence, founding of the ‘New Romantic’ movement and eight UK top-ten albums, some would argue that the 1980s music scene was defined by Spandau Ballet.

Their ‘True’ style and sound captivated David Barrat the first time he heard it and, in true unauthorised glory, he now releases the most comprehensive and informative book about the band to date.

‘New Romantics Who Never Were’ is based off the back of a number of first-hand interviews by the author, which results in much new information about the band that has never been made public.

Spandau Ballet was one of the biggest bands of the 1980s, being at the forefront of the New Romantic movement in Britain. In this independent, unapproved and wholly unauthorized story of the band, long-time fan David Barrat reveals some surprising, and hitherto unknown, facts about its origins and early development. Compiled from various sources, the book is based on detailed research over many years. If you have ever wondered how Spandau Ballet got its name or what a New Romantic actually was, or if you are curious about the various legal proceedings involving the band members, you will want to read this book. It is certainly a must-read for any Spandau fan or anyone interested in the New Romantic scene or Eighties pop music in general.

“This isn’t a book I’ve written merely from watching TV documentaries – it’s full of original information,” explains the author. “For example, I interviewed fans who knew the band before they were famous, the organizers of the band’s first official fan club, Michael Henderson (bass player for ‘Roots’ – the band’s first incarnation) who has never told his story publicly before, and others who knew them personally. I tell, for the first time in major detail, how they got their unconventional and mysterious name, and how that name nearly destroyed them at birth. ”

Continuing, “Furthermore, they had some fascinating legal battles that I dive into, as well as the unknown story of how one particular Evening Standard journalist can be thanked for helping them to get signed. Readers will also enjoy many other questions discussed in the book – such as was Mick Jagger ever really refused entry by Steve Strange from the Blitz nightclub? When was Gary Kemp visited at home by a bishop? What was the real story behind Bob Geldof’s idea for the Band Aid Christmas single?”

‘New Romantics Who Never Were’, from Orsam Books, is due for publication on 1 May 2018.

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