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David Bailey's Stardust 

The National Portrait Gallery

added: 7 Feb 2014 // gig date: 6 Feb 2014
reviewer: Amanda Hall-Davis

David Bailey's Stardust - The National Portrait Gallery - Printable version
Charlie Watts, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, John Lennon and Mick Jagger are among the iconic subjects of David Bailey's photographic exhibition 'Stardust'.

The National Portrait Gallery opened its doors this week, to the world renowned photographer's personally selected portraits.

A unique flashback to iconic history unfolds as you are drawn into Bailey's world. His image clusters are based on the idea that we are all made from and return to 'stardust'.

Captured over the last 50 years , musicians, artists, fashion icons and unknown people met on his travels are among the 300 plus portraits exhibited thematically in this new retrospective event.

Bailey explores the relationships he developed with icons such as Charlie Watts, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, The Rolling Stones and his wife Catherine Bailey.

His shots illustrate his raw skills for capturing and bringing out the true character of his chosen subject. As Bailey said, " Itís the moment that counts. Itís the only thing weíve got in life really."

Not to be overlooked, Bailey's Stardust exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery runs from February 6 2014 until June 1 2014.

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