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Dani Wilde 

Love Hurts

added: 14 Dec 2013 // release date: 15 Dec 2013 // label: Bri-Tone
reviewer: Andy Snipper

Dani Wilde - Love Hurts - Printable version
As a rule I don’t enjoy covers of classic songs unless the artist is doing something new or taking a song to its roots and when I heard this as the encore to Dani’s show at the Tropic at Ruislip recently I was completely staggered – along with a crowd of hairy-arsed Blues freaks – by the intensity and beauty of this version.

Put simply, Dani Wilde takes a classic, strips away all artifice and style and presents a song that simply leaves the heart pounding and eyes brimming with tears.

It is the combination of the song, the Everly Brothers at their best, her voice, halting and almost breaking with the intensity of the emotion and the bravery to present it as just her voice over a minimal guitar.

When you think of the crap presented by the X-Factor producers, taking all of the originality and heart out of song after song, this serves as a lesson in how to take a classic and make it new.

When Dani Wilde sings the final words “Love hurts” you hear the world of pain over broken relationships and cheating partners – the silence after it is deafening.

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5 stars

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