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Timeless....The Musical Legacy

added: 13 Dec 2013 // release date: 9 Dec 2013 // label: Apple Records
reviewer: David Spencer

Badfinger - Timeless....The Musical Legacy - Printable version
There are many things Breaking Bad will be credited for in the future - for example raising the bar for gripping TV drama, or challenging drug taboos. But not expected to be on the list is the rejuvenation of the late 1970s soft-rock outfit Badfinger. But the use of Baby Blue in the final scene of the series has led to this collection. It shows the power of TV shows, that record companies are ready to react to such marketing opportunities.

This album sees 16 tracks assembled from the band's career - with 14 of them the re-mastered versions that originally appeared in 2010 - and most of them from between 1970 and 1972. As well as the excellent Baby Blue, their stand out moments are the classy Day After Day and the song that became a huge hit for Harry Nilsson, Without You.

Badfinger were famous for signing to the Beatles' Apple label - and the Paul McCartney penned Come And Get It is also included of course as well as No Matter What. While the sound is very much of the time, the tunes themselves still hold up pretty well. For a time Badfinger were a dream for radio schedulers - and in that sense, slightly ahead of their time. The likes of Super Tramp and ELO would later pick up the baton, to greater success.

The band's story is a tragic one, with the suicide of Pete Ham in 1975 effectively ending the band's success, before fellow founding member Tom Evans also took his own life several years later. The dark history is in stark contrast to the sunshine feel of most of the songs - with the exception being the epic and typically 70s self indulgent Timeless - which gives the album its title. Out of character with much of the rest, it ends in a fuzzy haze of guitar, fizzling out as if they didn't know when to stop.

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3 stars

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