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Andre Rieu and The Waltz 

Wembley Arena

added: 10 Dec 2013 // gig date: 8 Dec 2013
reviewer: Emilie Devillet

Andre Rieu and The Waltz - Wembley Arena - Printable version
Andre Rieu and his orchestra filled Wembley arena with classical music and laughter for about three hours. Or how you can have a very fun yet highly cultural night…

Imagine Wembley arena full of middle-aged people, all ready to listen to Andre Rieu’s classical pieces of music. Then, when you least expect it, the orchestra and its leader take on the stage with a lot of humour and genuine affection for the audience.
Andre Rieu is a self-made man, passionate about music and, his best way to share his passion is to make it enjoyable to everyone by adding humour and jokes to his show.
And it works!
The music is well-known classical music pieces and it is perfectly interpreted. Andre interacted with his audience a lot, introducing each song. He also gave a lot of room to his orchestra and the singers that accompanied him on stage.
Before the break, Mister Rieu warmed his public’s hearts: “It is scientifically proven that singing together, as a musical choir, makes happy. Also, a lot of friendships started at my concerts and I am very proud of that.” He then joined his orchestra to perform “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to the satisfied “aaaah’s” of the audience.

The second part of the show was all about travelling. First, the female members of Rieu’s band danced a typical Dutch dance and, while changing back to their princess dresses, the men had some fun on stage, drinking and messing around, to the general hilarity!
From there, the audience got introduced to the sound of the bandoleon, a typical musical instrument from Argentina, displaying a very melancholic yet warm sound.
Andre dedicated the next song, a song full of hope, to Nelson Mandela. It was a very moving moment and the whole public came together as one to honour the great South African leader.

Rieu and his waltz then said goodbye…and came back for more than 45 minutes, for the great pleasure of the most enthusiastic public ever seen in London! Finally, after wishing his fans a merry Christmas and a lof of music, and after the longest encore ever witnessed, Andre Rieu and his orchestra left the stage.
May you all attend such a fun musical night in your lives!

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5 stars

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