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Bridget Kelly 

'Cut to... Bridget Kelly' EP

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Bridget Kelly - 'Cut to... Bridget Kelly' EP - Printable version
Born and raised in the neighborhood of Chelsea in New York City, Bridget Kelly lives in the epicenter of fashion, theater and art, but music is where she found her home. Growing up in a household where Motown, Jazz and Pop songs were always playing, Bridget's love affair with music was sparked at a very early age.

In 2008 she had a once in a lifetime meeting with Roc Nation’s A&R team and BK’s hard work paid off – she was signed to her first major recording and publishing deal.

Now with her debut singles, 'Special Delivery' and 'Street Dreamin' with Kendrick Lamar climbing the charts, the Roc Nation songstress Bridget Kelly, has captured the attention of fans and tastemakers alike.

She honed her performance skills early in her career, having toured with JAY Z , Estelle and Melanie Fiona and also performing at this year’s Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. In 2013 she was nominated for 'Best New Artist' at the Soul Train Music Awards.

Just in time for the holiday season, the New York native will be streaming her EP entitled 'Cut To... Bridget Kelly' on December 10th via Spotify and on December 17th 'Cut to... Bridget Kelly' will be available for free download on as a holiday gift to her loyal fans.

'Cut To …Bridget Kelly' features the narration of an intense love story, revealing a much softer side to the artist. “I want to show my fans that sometimes it’s okay to love even if it means to suffer through heartache and pain”, explains Bridget. The EP will feature six songs from the Roc Nation songstress including the popular hit single 'Special Delivery' as well as the Jerry Wonda produced fan favourite 'Goosebumps'. The EP also features tracks written by fellow Roc Nation artists Sam Dew and Elijah Blake.

Track listing
1. Goosebumps
2. The Mouth
3. S#1T Happens
4. Friends
5. Coca1n3 Heartbreak
6. Special Delivery

Stream the 'Cut to... Bridget Kelly' EP here.

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