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added: 8 Dec 2013 // release date: 15 Nov 2013 // label: Self issued
reviewer: Andy Snipper

Rodina - Home - Printable version
‘Rodina’ means ‘Motherland’ in Russian or ‘Mother Party’ in Bulgaria – either way, ‘Home’ is a perfect way for Rodina the band to describe this album.

The band are essentially Aoife Hearty (songs and vocals) and Joe Tatton (piano and production) but for this album they have also enlisted the talents of Stuart Macallum, Pete Shand and The Haggis Horns – I have been enjoying the band for a couple for years but this time they have really hit it out of the park with a beautiful set of songs and perfect accompaniment.

Every track seems to draw you deeper into the warmth of Aoife’s voice, a beautiful contralto that sits somewhere between Kate Bush and Sonja Kristina, and songs seem perfect vehicles to carry her into your soul.
Musically, this veers between the jazzy and the ethereal – ‘Mr Lee’ is a sublime piece of swing Samba while ‘I Got Lost’ holds your attention with a simple piano and ethereal vocal that just whispers and leaves the listener in a wilderness of pleading emotion. ‘There You’ll Be’ is a similarly soft number but leaves you in a happy place of anticipation and longing.

Beautiful music, presented with care and with a huge amount of consideration for the songs and for the listener. Rodina are just sublime.

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4 stars

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