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Yassassin EP

added: 8 Dec 2013 // release date: 8 Dec 2013 // label: Self issued
reviewer: Andy Snipper

Yassassin - Yassassin EP - Printable version
A couple of weeks ago I caught Yassassin as the support to the excellent and I was more than a little intrigued by their sound – a funky hybrid of Manc brattishness and London Indie.

I managed to secure their album and I’ve been living with it for the last little while and enjoying the heck out of it.
Their biog suggests that they are from London and have been around for around 3 years and I’m surprised I haven’t seen them before now but, based on this EP and their performance at Our Black Heart I expect to see a fair bit more of them.
Gordon Taggart is a pretty fair vocalist, plenty of attitude and a pouting arrogance and well matched to Tony Kubik on guitar – his slide and riffery leads pretty well and he has a sensible use of effects. Anthony Crockett drives the band along on drums and Jon Clements provides the funk on bass. They manage to hit some real high spots on tracks like ‘Murder’ which has some fine guitar behind a wordy vocal from Taggart or ‘Shake It (Like A Little Feller)’ all brooding darkness and Streets-like storyline.

Well worth a listen and definitely a band that I will try and catch again; as they develop they may well be ones to watch on the London scene in the next year or two.

Yassassin - EP is available for download from iTunes and Spotify. Visit for latest band news and gig dates.

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3 stars

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