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Jadea Kelly 


added: 3 Dec 2013 // release date: 25 Nov 2013 // label: Darth Jadea
reviewer: Andy Snipper

Jadea Kelly - Clover - Printable version
So many good things to say about this album and they all start with her haunting and pure voice.

The songs are emotive, almost soul-baringly so, and she puts them over without artifice or any unnecessary plaintiveness. She sings as though she means it and is simply laying out there for you take it or leave it.

It is an album that hardly needs any words from me other than to say that she manages to get the hardest of hearts to feel the soul of the singer and open up to her stories.

If you need context, these are songs about the relationship between the farmer and his/her environment but also about the desire to do more than be a farmer while not losing touch with your roots but for me I was happy just to settle back and envelop myself in the way that she sings and the warmth of her performance.

The songs are melodic and the musical backing is intense and manages to add to the music rather than burying it but this is all about the voice and the songs and the feelings she gets from you.

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4 stars

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