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added: 6 Oct 2013
interviewed by: Tasha Demetriou

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Mastercard Priceless Gigs put on an amazing event at Under the Bridge on September 12th and of course Music News went down to check it all out!

As the venue began to fill up for the show, Music News' Tasha Demetriou went and had a chat with the man of the show, Bluey Robinson, just before he hit the stage

Let's get started with a quick fire round! Ready?!

Hot or Cold?

Sweet or Sour?

Phone calls or Texts?
Hmmm depends who with! Phone-texts (laughs).

Instagram or Twitter?

Would you rather go back in time or to the future?
I'd go back in time, to the beginning! I'd stop all the wars and this nonsense (pretends to go all worldy and then snaps out of it laughing)!

Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?
Be invisible Id go where Rihanna is. Orrrr! Id go to MI6 or the Pentagon or somewhere like that and see whats popping.

If you were a fairground ride, what would you be and why?
Id be the bumper cars because Im fun!

If you woke up and you were stuck inside a woman's body what would you do?
Id find out if Im good looking or not am I a pretty woman? (Looks up for a compliment) I think Id have to be a lesbian, right? Because Id still like women? Or Id really try and change back somehow!

If you're drunk, and you say 'I love you', does it count?
Yeah I think it counts. I dont really drink though so I couldn't really say!

What is your weakness?
Oooh my weakness is I wish I had a clever answer but I dont! (Laughs) Oreo milkshake's!

Tell me something that not many people know about you
I talk to insects! How are you? Tell me about your day? Im just friendly! (Laughs)


Okay, so now for the real interview! It's been a while since we last had a chat, what is going on with you musically?
Im an independent artist I left my label nearly two years ago now. Ive just been putting things together, Ive done a mixtape, I did a tour this year which went really well! I performed at Scala to like 800/900 people which was sold out, it was crazy! I did Wireless Festival and stuff too. Now Im just working on my music and putting together my EP. Im really focusing on trying to find a sound that I really wanna be with. When I was with the label and afterwards I was just a bit confused with life so now Im able to find myself again. I feel good about the next steps!

When can we expect to hear some new music?
Im not too sure yet! Ive got some music there, but Ive just started working with some new people recently and its exciting to see what we might come up with. The early stuff weve done has been really cool so (Smiles) Its all a bit up in the air at the moment with dates, Id like to have a single early next year! Its on the way!

A lot of your career has been pushed through the internet. Your videos, your covers on YouTube, your crazy impromptu style performances in tube stations etc. Whats your opinion on the internet and the power it gives musicians like yourself?
I think its crazy, I think its really good! If it wasnt for that then maybe I wouldnt even be here now. You have to find that outlet, and its a dope outlet. Youve just gotta make sure you find ways to get peoples attention, because anyone can put a video on YouTube so I think weve done a good job in showing people what I do and also getting my personality across. Its been amazing, its been a big help in getting me to where I am and introducing new people to me.

Whats your favourite part of the musical process? Would you say the writing, the recording, performing etc.?
You know what, Im a performer I think more than anything! When I was young, the reason I wanted to be a singer is because I wanted to perform and then the writing and all of that sort of stuff came later. I do enjoy it, and I like writing stuff that people can connect with and be like Yeah, this is my song!. When I do a performance and theyre singing back to me its still surreal you know? I enjoy performing and feeling the audience!

Whats been your favourite performance? Or one that you feel most proud you've had the chance to do?
I'm so hard on myself which makes it hard to even think like that. When I've performed at arena's and stuff, like for the Justin Bieber tour, that was good! Being able to perform an acoustic set in front of 20,000 people was just amazing. The atmosphere from the crowd was amazing and being able to do that every night! I mean, I was still hard on myself but yeah I'd say that was a big moment for me, I felt like I was getting better.

And now you're also a presenter for MTV, is it hard to switch from presenter to artist mode or does it help?
I'm still getting to grips with it to be fair. It was more difficult in the beginning because I'm an artist and I'm interviewing other artists so that was weird. So, I started interviewing people that I knew already so people like Labrinth and JLS but then that actually ended up being more awkward in a sense because I knew them. So then I started interviewing actors and stuff like Will Smith... (pauses) Well, I do know him aswell (winks and laughs)! But yeah so now it's fun because I'm genuinely interested and I want to find out more! Its been a bit if a challenge but I respect presenting more as an art form now because I didn't know what to expect. It's hard to read other people's words as your own, but I think I'm getting used to it now.

So your here today to perform at the MasterCard gig with Delilah, how are you feeling about the show?
Yeah I'm excited to be here! I think it's my first performance since Wireless and this is a lot more intimate. So we're just gonna go out there and vibe and blow the roof off. Gonna have some fun with it! I never try to be too serious with any performance, I don't wanna be too stressed in my brain, I just wanna enjoy it. I'm looking forward to it!

Make sure you stay up-to-date with Mastercard Priceless Gigs as they have a lot more coming up in the near future, giving you the chance to get closer to your favourite stars than ever before!

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Twitter: @blueyrobinson

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