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Mastercard Priceless put on an amazing event at Under the Bridge on September 12th and of course Music News went down to check it all out!

The performances from Bluey Robinson and Delilah went down a storm (check out our full review of the event here) and after it all ended, Music News' Tasha Demetriou had a chat with the star of the show…

Delilah! Well done for an amazing show, how did it all feel for you?
It was really good fun! It's so nice to see the fans at the front singing the words. I just had a bit of a laugh really. I never take it too seriously, I just have fun. I haven't done a home town show in a minute so its nice to see their reactions and get them involved a bit!

I loved tonight. I'm really grateful that Mastercard gave me the opportunity to do this gig for my fans so I could have fun with them. To do the competition, to do the video remake, to go to the Brits… there's a bunch of stuff that Mastercard have done for me this year. All in all I've had a great time but most importantly I know my fans have really enjoyed it… so not to sound cheesy, but it has been priceless!

It sure has! Okay, lets start with our quick fire round...

Hot or cold?

Sweet or sour?
Erm…salty! (Laughs).

Phone calls or texting?

Instagram or Twitter

Would you like to be able to read peoples minds or be invisible for the day?
Read peoples minds. I'd read everyone's... maybe even my own! Instagram and Twitter have turned me into a bit of a stalker I'm not gonna lie, so I'd love to read peoples minds. Sometimes I catch myself looking at peoples profiles that I don't know and I've gone back like 64 weeks and then I just stop and I'm like what am I doing? Why do I care?!

If you were a fairground ride, what would you be and why?
The waltzer! They're really, really, really hysterically fun for some and sickening for others! (Laughs).

If you woke up in the working stuck inside a mans body, what would you do?
Umm, the PG version?! (Laughs) The first thing I'd do is go for a wee, just to stand up and be able to aim and fire!

If you're drunk, and you say 'I love you', does it count?
No…oh…umm… yes, yes it does! Most people take it back afterwards but yeah it does count.

What is your weakness?

Would you rather have a pause button in your life or a rewind button?
Pause! I could take a little break, have a nap, go on holiday, come back. I could pause it wherever I want. I could go on holiday and get nice and brown and come back and finish whatever I was doing.

Tell me something that not many people know about you...
I love pickles! I could eat a whole jar of pickles. I would get acid reflux afterwards… but I do love pickles!

What is the strangest rumour you've ever heard about yourself?
Usually dating stuff. I apparently date every man that I walk out with. One I was asked about today which happened over a year ago, was about my friend Wretch 32 and they were like 'Oh are you dating?' and I'm like what?! We actually just bumped into each other at the club and we left when the club shut. So the whole rest of the club left at the same time, yet it meant we were dating. That was a whole year ago, around last Christmas, and I've not even seen him since then. The rumour stuff as far as dating goes is a bit ridiculous, but other than that, I'm not that interesting so people tend to stay out of my business. I'm quite private. I give music to the people and the rest is just for me!


Let's get into the real questions… How's your music going?
It's going really, really good. I'm just working on a new album, I left my record label in April so I've just been working out new ways of releasing music. I don't really want to sign to another major label so I've been exploring the world of the music industry, but now from a different side. I feel like there's different ways to do it rather than the generic 'sign your life away' for a little bit of money. I'm lucky to not be in the same position that I was in six years ago so I don't need that and I can now do it my own way.

What's your favourite part of the musical process?
I love performing. I love listening to it. I love playing it in the car. (Laughs) I don't really listen to the radio, but I love playing my music in the car and playing it really loud!

Tell me about a particular moment that really stands out for you...
Do you know what? You always looking forward, so you tend to miss a lot of things that have happened and I often forget that I've done certain things until people remind me. To be honest, the whole of the last 2 years have been pretty incredible for me. I'm just looking forward now!

And what's next for you, what can we look out for?
I'm doing a free drop probably end of October and then a new album next year. I think for now I'm just gonna get myself in the studio and hibernate through the winter!

Make sure you stay up-to-date with Mastercard’s Priceless Gig’s as they have so much more coming up in the near future which gives you the chance to get closer to your favourite stars than ever before!

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