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Liverpool O2 Academy

added: 28 Sep 2013
interviewed by: Will Whitby

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Welsh rockers Kids In Glass Houses have their new album ďPeaceĒ out on the 30th September. I caught up with guitarist in the band, Ian and asked him about music, fans and highlights of their 10 year long career.

1. First things first, have you ever been to Liverpool? Is this your first time?

Weíve been here loads now, canít remember how many times. Weíve played the academy a couple of times, itís always been good.

2. Youíve got your new album out on Monday. What are the themes? Does it differ from any of your previous work?

Yeah, we try to progress with every album and do something a little bit different. With the last album we sort of did the whole concept thing and concentrated on making an album a body of work as opposed to just songs. With this one weíve gone back to what we feel strongest about and wrote some decent pop songs with an electro dance element to them.

3. Youíve toured with some pretty big names over the years, is there anyone you want to tour with or even work with?

Iíd love to go on tour with Oasis but it would never happen. Theyíre probably getting back together but I canít imagine theyíll take us on.

4. Music usually stems from childhood, what did your parents like? Did you follow them or make your own path?

My dad listened to a lot of Prince, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley. My mam was a bit of a soul-head, she loved all the motown stuff as well as The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

5. Youíve got your new album coming out on vinyl; do you think vinyl is coming back? Is the physical aspect of music returning?

Obviously people arenít buying CDs as much as they used to, I think when people pick up a record they understand what it means to buy a work of art. I collect records myself and itís a lot more fun doing it that way than just going on the internet and streaming a record.

6. Social media and the internet is now a major aspect of a bands development, do you think nowadays itís easier to get known?

Itís easier to spread the word but itís a lot harder to stand out. It seems like everyone is in a band, which isnít a bad thing. Everyone is easier to demo yourself and advertise yourself; itís a lot easier to push yourself online. Itís down to how good you are as to whether you get noticed or not.

7. Back in 2006 Ian Watkins from Lostprophets said ďrelatively unknown bands like KIGH are better than a lot of the bands out thereĒ. Who do you think are going to be the next big thing?

Me, at the moment I think this guy from the US called Chester Watson. Heís a rapper and heís 17, heís chucked out an album and a couple of mix tapes. Iím really into The 1975, itís good to see guitars making a comeback.

8. Youíve been together nearly a decade, what has been the highlight of the past 10 years?

Itís hard to pinpoint to be honest, but I think itís getting opportunities to go to places like Japan and Australia. Then doing things like Reading Festival which is the sort of thing you dream of when youíre growing up. Childhood dreams coming true will always be the highlight.

9. A fair few big bands come from South Wales like you, BFMV and Stereophonics, why do you think so many come from there? Is there rock music in the water?

Itís a combination really; Wales is deep rooted in music back to the male voice choir and Tom Jones. Itís also a lack of things to do in the valleys, there isnít an awful lot going on. You just pick up a guitar and start singing in a pub.

10. How do overseas react to your music? Pop punk is already popular in the US, but does Europe or Asia like it as much?

Japan is pretty incredible to be honest; weíve got a decent a fan base over there. Itís like they research a band when they get into it, they seem to know everything and love it. Itís quite flattering. Europe is just loads of kids that like to party.

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