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added: 19 Sep 2013
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There’s a lot of buzz about tech house DJ Stefano Noferini at the moment. Anyone who has been in the crowd during one of his sets will have experience the infectious and euphoric buzz on the dancefloor – and you might have caught him at Ministry, Space, Cocoon, Sankeys or other big name venues all over the world. Named Beatport’s Artist of the Year in 2011, Stefano has also crossed over into the commercial space with a #1 on the Billboard chart – overtaking Gaga, Pitbull and Beyonce.

Stefano brings his record label vibes to Amsterdam Dance Event next month as he hosts a Deeperfect night on 19th Oct at Desmet Studios. We caught up with him to find out what he thinks about the huge highlight on the dance music calendar that is ADE and what’s upcoming for his career.

Music News: Whose set are you looking forward to at ADE?
It's really hard for me to choose, as it is for any DJ who's travelling around the world 365 days a year, constantly listening to other DJ's. That's why ADE is so important... I will definitely listen to some great electronic music, even if I don't know exactly where and when.

Music News: What's next for the label after ADE?
My label, Deeperfect, is growing faster everyday. 2013 was a great year for us, but the best is yet to come. We have two important compilations coming out in the next two months. Deeperfect ADE 2013 is mixed by Mr Bizz and will be released a few days before the Amsterdam Dance Event. In November, we'll release my Club Edition Winter Session 2013... And don't forget my brand new single with Mark Knight "That Sound", out on Toolroom in October.

Music News: How does the Dutch scene compare to the Italian one?
ADE doesn't really represent the Dutch scene, which is often dominated by the superstar DJ's we all know. I think the future of electronic music comes from small and underground clubs, not only mainstream music and events. In Italy the scene is not great at the moment. Sometimes it seems that a DJ is chosen to play in a club simply because they're friends of the promoter.

Music News: Standout show of 2013 so far for you?
It's really, really hard to point out one show in a great year like this. But If I have to, I choose the gig Younity Festival, in Austria. It was August, but during my set there was a storm. We were under a big tent, but the noise of the rain was so loud... The atmosphere was magical.

Music News: What big tunes are you dropping in your set at the moment and which other labels do you rate?
I love M_nus. It's changed its style a bit in the last few months and I love Toolroom. The standard of their productions is incredible. With regards to tracks I love, why don't you listen to my Radio Show, Club Edition, available on SoundCloud ( I hope you like it!

Music News: House music is top of the agenda in the UK at the moment, how does this compare to the scene in Italy?
I love any kind of music that's connected to house and techno, so I'm really happy of this trend, in UK, in Italy and anywhere else. But in my opinion, there's a lot of confusion. New kinds of electronic music seem to be invented every day, but really it's just new words. Good electronic dance music, still, somehow, comes from house and techno.

Music News: Finally, if you could have a super-power what would it be and why?
I don't know if it's a super power or something else... But I would like to be able to erase stupidity from the world. Don't you think that would be useful?

The line up for the Deeperfect event on 19th Oct is: Stefano Noferini, Matt Sassari, Mr Bizz, Hollen, Siwell, Macromism, Mladen Tomic
Stefano plays Ministry of Sound on 4th October

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