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Scouted from YouTube and named Overload by their fans via their daily interactions on Twitter, this organic and fast-moving band are breaking onto the music scene and have been hailed as the UKs hottest new boy band.

Trending on Twitter daily and with a fan base growing by the minute, the remainder of 2013 looks set to soar for the UK four piece. Managed by Blair Dreelan the founder of Union J, the band have acquired over half a million hits on YouTube for their videos and all in under 2 months. Their first meet and greet at Westfield saw over 700 fans turn up to catch a glimpse of them. The boys even had to have extra security called in!

Jordi, Joey, Ollie and RyRy are all aged between 17 and 19 and originate from Wales, Bristol and Essex and due to huge demand from their fans, have all re-located to Berkshire where they have been working around the clock on their debut album.

Speaking of their viral success to date the Overload boys said:

It is absolutely insane! 2 months ago we were all doing normal jobs and dreaming of being able to get into the music industry. The loyalty our fan base have shown and their dedication to make us the UKs next boy band is awesome. We've literally been locking ourselves away in the studio working on the album and at night we have been replying to as many of the tweets and messages from our fans as we can. They are at the core of everything that has happened to us and we cant wait to take it to the next level with our own headline tour dates and next meet and greet. Hopefully the police wont have to be called for this one though!

Bringing their own fresh take on pop music and smashing onto the music scene get ready to hear a lot more from the Overload boys!

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