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Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, Dave Powys, Sam Rasmussen, Josh Bentley

added: 14 Aug 2013
interviewed by: Cate Altamura

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Melbourne Indie Folk band, The Paper Kites have released their latest single St. Clarity and will be following it up with a national headline tour. Shortly after, The Paper Kites will be heading over to the US, which will be their first time performing on US soil.

The quintet, Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, Dave Powys, Sam Rasmussen and Josh Bentley have built up a loyal fan base and incredibly have over six million views on YouTube.

Sam B and Sam R took time out to chat with Music News about their upcoming tour and supporting City and Color in the USA.

Music News - Can you tell me about the early days of The Paper Kites? How did the band form?

Sam B - We don't really have an exciting band forming story; it was really just an experiment to start off with. Christina and I needed to expand our little acoustic duo line up and pulled in our friends. Dave, Sam Rasmussen and myself were all playing in different bands at the time and Christina and I had just been playing around locally, nothing serious. We all knew each other and had seen each other play. As we just needed a few extra players for a show we were doing, we pulled them in and we seemed to get a pretty good response. So it went from there to 'let's try another show' and then 'let's record something' and so on.

Music News - You just released your latest single St Clarity, can you tell me about that?

Sam B - St Clarity is a song about seeing things from an angle you haven't seen it before, and the clarity in finally seeing it that way. We were really keen to release that song first. It's hard when it's such an eclectic sounding record to choose the right song to release, everything you put out pushes a different idea of you to your fans. But we felt like St Clarity had the right vibe, it was a bit dark and a bit moody but wasn't too far from what we've done previously. There's a few songs that people will associate with their current idea of what 'The Paper Kites' sound like, but at the same time there's definitely some left wing tracks in there. It's always good to stretch a few perceptions.

Sam R - St Clarity was a song that we really wanted to release first. It always felt right to us that we share it before the rest of the songs. We also ended up flying a 'bubble artist' from France to feature in the accompanying film clip!

Music News - Which artists have inspired and influenced you?

Sam B - Everyone in the band has their own musical influences that they draw on. I really love Elbow and I love their arrangements and Guy Garvey's voice, I've been listening to a lot of Nick Drake too. But it really depends on the sort of music you want to write and what you want to get across in a song. I think that effects what influences you.

Sam R - We've been really fortunate to tour with some quality acts (Boy & Bear, Josh Pyke, Bombay Bicycle club) and every time we do, we come away inspired to grow our musicality and performances.

Music News - The Paper Kites will be touring Australia throughout August and September and will then head over to the US. This will be your first time performing on US soil. Can you describe what this incredible achievement feels like?

Sam B - Yeah it's pretty exciting to be heading over to the US. Half of us have never been there before so that's cool, we're not sure what to expect. For an Australian band to be opening for City & Colour and playing some of the venues we're playing is huge. But even in Australia some of the venues were doing are the biggest we've played. I think we're all keen to take the new music on the road to new places and bigger places.

Music News - You have build up a loyal fan base and have over six million YouTube views. What do you attribute this success to?

Sam B - There's no one person that's responsible for it I think. Particularly with a platform like YouTube we just place a lot of importance on making interesting videos. The rest is really just people sharing it around. We just try and match up a song with something that visually sits well with it, and isn't just a band playing in a room.

Sam R - Itís certainly really exciting! Most of us haven't even been to the US or Canada before so it will be an exciting couple of months! After supporting City and Colour for a few weeks we will play a string of our own shows.

Music News - What is your favorite thing to see in the audience, when you're on stage?

Sam B - I've seen some strange things from the front. I got contact lenses a while ago and couldnít see anything; so to be able to see now is great ha-ha. I've seen couples making out, I've seen that really tall guy that should really be standing at the back, I've seen people crying down the front - that's always something interesting to see. I suppose to have people so connected to a song is the ultimate flattery as a writer, so I'm fine with it.

Sam R - It may seem like we are 'seasoned performers' but to be honest, we still get overwhelmed when people turn up to our shows! So to answer you question, our favourite thing is simply having an audience.

Music News- What is next for The Paper Kites?

Sam B - We'll be back in Australia from the US mid November and we'll probably have a bit of a break, but festival season is coming up so we may not be resting that long. There's been talk of a maiden voyage to Europe potentially next year so we'll see.

Sam R - Once we return from overseas we will have a little break before playing a few summer festivals. There will also be some more exciting tour announcements.

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