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The Heartbreaks 


added: 3 Oct 2012 // release date: 3 Sep 2012 // label: Authority
reviewer: Alex Goldsmith

The Heartbreaks - Polly - Printable version
What a song! The very energetic start grabs you and pulls you into the flow of the song, which is something quite rare these days. To be honest I canít say much about this song, you need to experience it for yourselves.

The lyrics are simple, yet the fact that the whole song is essentially, ďdo you think about me, Polly do you think about me,Ē kind of works and knowing me I shall have that tune stuck in my head all day! The vocals are also brilliant, going through various different ranges and generally being very energetic!

What more can I say? The music is brilliant! The vocals are brilliant! The lyrics are brilliant! The song is just brilliant! I donít think Iíve overused the word brilliant at all! Definitely a song for any occasion! Brilliant! (Knew I could squeeze another one in there!)

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5 stars

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