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Sulu Babylon 

Colour EP

added: 10 Jun 2014 // release date: 6 Jun 2014 // label:
reviewer: Daniel Davidson-Amadi

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Right, I'm claiming post-punk revival style indie rock in the name of the Brits. It's almost as if we have – inbred into our physiology – a natural appreciation of it and proclivity towards it – with all due respect to the awesome bands representing the genre internationally. Still, there is something characteristically UK about it and Yorkshire lads, Sulu Babylon, demonstrate that they have an innate flair for the multidimensional sub-genre that would back up my jingoistic hypothesis. Exhibit A: Their latest EP, 'Colour EP', doesn’t ooze originality but what it does do stylistically, it does almost to perfection.

Lively, ambient and melodious, the ‘Colour EP’, has a identifiable tone throughout; powerful guitar riffs, simple drum compositions and delay effects added form the bedrock of things to come. The band has been likened to the likes of Bloc Party and Brand New; almost instantly you can hear why as they sustain a frantic tempo that is reminiscent of the early beginnings of the aforementioned bands.

Sulu Babylon produce music that is as real to them as it is relevant to their audience. Their lyrics don't contain an annoyance of melancholic memories or regrets they desperately want to get off their chest; their lyrics instead refer to relative situations in contemporary society. 'Free' is an anthem of empowerment imploring people to be at their most comfortable with themselves, whilst 'This Is How' is like a love letter with attitude instead of mushiness. The collective of tracks provide an eclectic catalogue of inspirational and profound songs that are no less entertaining despite some somewhat sobering material.

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3 stars

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