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Astor Theatre - Melbourne

added: 26 Apr 2014 // gig date: 24 Apr 2014
reviewer: Cate Altamura

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Australian band MYSTERY held an exclusive rock concert and movie premiere at the prestigious Astor Theatre in Melbourne on ANZAC Day eve. At 16 and 17 respectively, the teenagers from the Western suburbs of Melbourne have played to sold-out crowds around the world and will soon be heading to Rocklahoma to share the stage with rock icons Guns N' Roses, Kid Rock and Twisted Sister, just to name a few.

MYSTERY formed in 2010 when four young rockers came together. Band members include: Rocky Ravic (Vocals & Lead Guitar), Kris Iaccino (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Josh Scarpaci (Bass & Backing Vocals) and Tony Mlikota (Drums). The young musicians have incredible energy on stage and it is clear they share a unique bond, which resembles a strong brotherhood. Vocally they harmonise well together, however at times Rocky’s vocals were drowned out by the guitars, making it difficult to understand the lyrics. As a front man, Rocky has the appeal and charisma for the job.

The Astor Theatre is famous for red carpet events and has seen the likes of Midnight Oil and Men At Work preform on stage. Paying homage to their predecessors, MYSTERY performed their own rendition of “Land Down Under” by Men At Work alongside an array of songs from their new album “From Dusk til Dawn”, including “Raise your Fist”, “Die Another Day” and “Freedom”.

After a brief intermission, “MYSTERY: Born to Rock”, screened at the iconic theatre and will also debut at the Cannes Film Festival on May 16 as part of the official Marche Du Film Line-up.

MYSTERY have injected new life into a genre many their age would have overlooked and given their youth, the band’s contribution to the world of heavy metal is significant.

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