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Fly The Bluebird

added: 21 Apr 2014 // release date: 7 Apr 2014 // label: Cherry Red Records
reviewer: Paul Chapinal

Beau - Fly The Bluebird - Printable version
Beau has the distinction of being the first artist to appear on John Peelís Dandelion label in 1969. Since then heís been a consistent artist though for those not familiar with his work, itís not that straightforward as he does record as John Trevor and Trevor Midgley too.

The format is very simple: just Beau and a 12 string guitar playing folk music. That puts the onus on him lyrically and the listener to, well listen. It does require some time and effort to decipher the themes and the subjects that he covers. Some may fall at the first fence as his fluteish voice is kind of an acquired taste. Get past that, bed down with his guitar playing, and the rest should come.

The themes are wide to say the least going from 24 hour news (That Silver Door), through war (So Far Away) to Russia (Lenin). Beau clearly has a lot on his mind, has something to say about a lot of things and does so with a fair amount of wit. It would be interesting to hear him and Ian Anderson in conversation.

The album is available as a download.

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3 stars

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