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Dead Flowers 

Make It Bright

added: 30 Mar 2014 // release date: 7 Apr 2014 // label: Hee Haw Records
reviewer: Paul Chapinal

Dead Flowers - Make It Bright - Printable version
Dead Flowersís debut album, last yearís Midnight at the Wheel Club, was generally well received by the media. Although London based their sound is Country/Americana weaved around the voice of Ian Williams, who also writes the songs.

Make it Bright doesnít drift too far from the Americana blueprint, being mostly bluegrass acoustic for its duration, gradually picking up instruments as it goes along, and meandering pleasantly to an end.

The sticking point may be Ian Williamsís voice, which complements the music perfectly, but is dominant throughout and very reminiscent of one Leonard Cohen. Itís fair to say that Cohenís voice is an acquired taste, so if you have trouble with his unique tones, youíre unlikely to get much enjoyment from this single.

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3 stars

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