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Simon Kent 

The Dublin Castle

added: 23 Mar 2014 // gig date: 10 Mar 2014
reviewer: Emilie Devillet

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If you are all about the music and love to immerge yourself in an artist’s world, Simon Kent is probably an act you do not want to miss. For the release of his fourth album “Dreams and memories”, he gave a very intimate concert at the Dublin Castle in Camden.

Simon Kent’s style is very eclectic: some songs have a heavy rock sound, some are more pop or jazzy and some are a reminder of the greatest ballads from the nineties. “See you Fly” is a perfect example as it is a slow, kind of romantic song.
“You Saved Me” is darker, sadder and quite melancholic. The guitar sound and the slow pace are quite similar to an Avril Lavigne ballad called “I’m With You”. It is very catchy, the lyrics are effective and the whole combo takes you to another level.
One of the singles of the album is “Everything is Alright” which is definitely more pop rock. It had the fans moving: it is an excellent choice for a single as the melody easily lingers in your mind while the lyrics are easy to remember.
“Satellite” and “Space down Refugee” are pure rock songs, though one is romantic and the other one is heavier on the guitars.

Simon is a one of a kind artist in the way that he is quite introvert and truly lives his songs. He is a performer and he is there for his music first. The audience seemed fine with it and that character kind of grows on you; there is something fascinating about a man that is so deeply in his music and in his performance. Do give a listen to “Dreams and Memories”, you will easily get something good out of it!

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