Scott Weiland impostor arrested 

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The Beverly Hills Police Department, the L.A. Police and the L.A. County Jail have a lot of explaining to do in the case of the arrest of Scott Weiland of the Stone Temple Pilots.

Or should we say, the arrest of Jason Hurley, who claimed to be Scott Weiland and was charged and jailed for four weeks before everyone figured out who he really was.

The unraveling of Hurley's story started yesterday when TMZ reported that Scott Weiland had been arrested four weeks ago for stealing razors and other items from a Hollywood Rite Aid and, when arrested, was found to be in possession of methamphetamine. The story went on to say that Weiland had been jailed for four weeks without being able to pay $95,000 in bail.

Later in the evening, Weiland posted a video to YouTube calling TMZ out on the story and saying that he is working in the studio with his group The Wildabouts.

Still, TMZ tentatively stood by their story when they contacted the L.A. County Jail who confirmed that they had checked Weiland's cell and he was there.

Today, police started to unravel the situation, announcing that Weiland was NOT in the jail but Jason Hurley who claimed to be the singer upon arrest. TMZ, though, has pointed out in a followup story that, way back at the beginning of the incident, Hurley had been fingerprinted and the results showed that he was not Weiland, whose fingerprints were also on file.

Also, amazingly, the District Attorneys office filed charges for the arrest which was listed as "People v. Scott Weiland a.k.a. Jason Michael Hurley" but continued to refer and list him under Weiland's name.

It is assumed that Hurley will now get additional charges of giving false information to officers.

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