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Lady Gaga says her backstage demands are 'very low key'.

Although she has a reputation for being outlandish and attention-grabbing, the Artpop star insists her rider is shockingly normal.

According to Gaga, she keeps her requests humble because she hates to waste things.

"A lot of people I think have really nice riders," she told MTV correspondent Sway Calloway on Friday. "I don't know. I don't like to waste stuff. So we have cold cuts and water and there's whiskey there and champagne. We're good."

The singer is currently in residence at New York's legendary Roseland Ballroom, which will permanently close down after her run.

The musician opened up about her pre-performance rituals, revealing she uses her vocal coach every day.

"Well, my voice teacher Don Lawrence, who I've been with since I was like, I don't know, 13 years old, we still are together, and he's been my mentor for so long," Gaga said. "So he warms me up before every show - either on the phone or in person - and I do the show. An hour before the show I start my vocal warm-ups."

Gaga previously stated she used to go to the Ballroom when she was a teenager. The place clearly has sentimental value for her, and she's determined to give the best performance possible.

'Well, I actually went to see Franz Ferdinand at Roseland when I was just getting out of high school. And I broke my nose at the show because I got thrown into a mosh pit,' she told New York radio station 92.3 Now. 'And then I went to a bar with my girlfriends and I used my fake Delaware ID to get in and I was using a Bud Light to nurse my freshly broken nose. I had to lie to my mom and tell her that I walked into a door or something, but she knew what had occurred.'

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