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Marilyn Manson reveals he is landing multiple acting gigs.

The 44-year-old rocker took on a role as a roller-skating waiter in HBO comedy Eastbound & Down this year.

And Marilyn confirms he will be featured in many more films and shows in the future.

'I act like an a*shole mostly,' he joked to TMZ. 'But there's more to come.'

Marilyn confesses he doesn't really know where his new career path will take him, but the musician-turned-actor is looking forward to exploring this professional realm.

He is not concerned at all with whether critics are happy with his performances.

'Am I gonna win an Oscar? Nah, I don't think so,' he mused.

Earlier this year Marilyn teamed up with rock legend Alice Cooper for the Masters of Madness Tour. The concert series took place across the United States and Canada between June 1 and June 28.

Alice previously spoke about what it was like spending so much time with like-minded Marilyn.

'We have a lot in common, stuff that other people wouldn't have in common in the fact that we both play characters," Alice explained to Rolling Stone.

"We both created a couple of monster characters and then what we kind of talked about on my radio show is how do you deal with that character against your real life? And sometimes that character being the fact that it's so overpowering, does it ever take over? For me, I've had a lot more time to work with Alice, so I know when to be Alice and when not to be Alice. I just told him it's very hard to maintain a character 24 hours a day and there may come a time when you have to divorce yourself from the character just so you'll like the character."

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