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The Carnabys

No Money On The Moon
Their name would suggest they are a retro mod/Who/Jam cover band; others have suggested the Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin, and Queens of the Stone Age as influences. Read more...

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Einar Stray Orchestra

Like the idea of a dash of Genesis, dollops of Michael Nyman, a soupçon of Beatles and traces of folk? Well the Einar Stray Orchestra have blended all those her... Read more...



The Miseducation Of Itsu
Banditsu is a true representative of the new wave of rap coming out of London and during the wait for his latest project to be released, he has been busy solidi... Read more...


The Moody Blues

The Magnificent Moodies
Half a decade after its release, The Moody Blues' debut gets special treatment. Read more...

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Fish On Friday

Yet more proof that there is modern music with character and integrity – no bombast or outrageous excess, just some superb playing and songs that have an almost... Read more...


Roger Chapman

I love this album. Chapman is on top form and the material is brilliant. A total package – oh, very yes. Read more...



Dreamy pop all the way from France. Looking to go head-to-head with the likes of Lykke Li and Sia, is 28 year old France Picoulet, releasing this her debut albu... Read more...



Vinyl Box Set 1976-1982
Punk-pop pioneers given the vinyl repacking treatment. While the UK's alleged vinyl revival might be a little overplayed (the statistics are on the up - but onl... Read more...


Holly Johnson

Blast (Expanded Edition)
Reissue of 1989 solo album from former Frankie Goes To Hollywood singer. Holly Johnson was one of the most distinctive pop stars of the 1980s, leading Frankie G... Read more...


One Direction

Boy Bland or Hidden Musical gems? The release of the new 1 Direction album could only have a few reactions. Well for One Pop music hating dance music man and Tw... Read more...



Prosperina seem to have managed to attach some superb songs and playing to great song titles and the result is rather special. Read more...


Level 42

Standing In The Light, True Colours, Staring At The Sun
It is to Level 42's credit that in a decade where there were an awful lot of artists that sounded the same, they were truly unique. Read more...


The Doors

Feast of Friends
“Feast of Friends” finally sees the light of day. One of the most sought after unreleased rock films of all time certainly has been The Doors’ “Feast of Friend... Read more...



Naked Tunes
Formerly the lead vocalist of the Chilean rock band, Los Prisioneros, Leonino (also known as Jorge Gonzalez) has been identifying with the young, rebellious gen... Read more...


The Kang Gang

The Bad And Lowdown World Of The Kane Gang
Three disc deluxe collection from 80s band best remembered for Closest Thing To Heaven Read more...



When The Crow Flies
There is always a place in my soul for a band who can combine the audacious power of Aerosmith and the bratty roar of Guns ‘n Roses and when you can throw a voc... Read more...


Bill Nelson

After The Satellite Sings
To my mind this is the album that makes me want to listen to Nelson – just brilliant start to finish. Read more...

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The Hoax

Recession Blues - a tribute to BB King
They definitely are playing as though the music was new and there is a freshness about their playing that brings old songs to life Read more...



Time on our side
Colosseum are still creating music and still creating something that only happens when this collection of grizzled old musicians get together and, mostly, there... Read more...


Andrew McMahon

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness
Former Jack’s Mannequin’s and, before that, former Something Corporate’s Andrew McMahon makes his awaited comeback on the music scene with yet another moniker Read more...


Blues Karloff

Ready For Judgement Day
This is some powerful stuff and playing it last night (Halloween dontchano) it fell perfectly into line with the mood and the night. Read more...



The End
Bringing six ferocious cuts of bass to Never Say Die today is Belgian producer and DJ Eptic. He drops “The End”, a highly musical Read more...


Looking For Johnny

DVD documentary
‘Self-pity is the most destructive of all narcotics’ said the late London artist and self-styled dandy, Sebastian Horsley. In an uncanny way, his quote s... Read more...


Devon Allman

Ragged and Dirty
The opening tracks show a lot of his heritage but this is an album that declares that Devon Allman is a star in his own right with a guitar voice all of his own... Read more...


Status Quo

Aquostic (Stripped Bare)
Ho ho! The title of the album, although clumsy, is nice touch and goes some way towards setting the scene for this album from Status Quo. Read more...


Rory Gallagher

Irish Tour ’74 40th Anniversary Edition
For almost any other artist this much would be overkill and for completists only but Rory Gallagher is worth it and this is special. Read more...


Billy Idol

Kings and Queens of the Underground
There isn’t a bad track here but there are moments when you feel his age. Overall it is a fine return for Idol. Read more...


Elliott Brood

Work And Love
Toronto three-piece raise the bar on second album. It seems that - apart from a short period of time in the 1990s - the best rock music mostly comes from across... Read more...


The Wands

The Dawn
Danish duo release fuzzy psychedelic debut. Denmark's The Wands are childhood friends Christian Skibdal and Mads Gras and seem to have grown up Read more...



Re-release for poppy debut of late eighties' US star who caught the eye of Prince. Read more...

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