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Old Man Luedecke

Domestic Eccentric
Artists like Old Man Luedecke are the living proof that the most important attributes for a musician are talent and ability. Read more...

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Deckchair Poets

Searchin For A Lemon Squeezer
Deckchair Poets are a fun-orientated band who give the idea that they don’t take themselves too seriously. Which should not distract from the fact that ‘... Read more...


One The Juggler

Nearly A Sin
One The Juggler were, and are again, a South London based band who deserve to be better known. This album was originally released in 1984 and the band ha... Read more...


The Top Fuellers

Psychos On The Beach
The term ‘supergroup’ is usually associated with musicians from established bands joining together to create what (to some ears) is unlistenable music e.g. ELP,... Read more...

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Wily Bo Walker

Moon Over Indigo
Walker writes brilliantly, songs that are dark and heavy, funk laden and Bluesey or balladic and bittersweet but all of them are top notch and show the many dif... Read more...


The Ravines

Everything's Fine
The Ravines spanking new studio album EVERYTHING’S FINE may well be a prophetic title of sorts… Given the down-to-earth brilliance and catchy feel-good f... Read more...


Gilmore & Roberts

Conflict Tourism
The increasing interest in folk (and Country) music will no doubt lead to the usual glut of wannabees of which very few will make any meaningful impact. Read more...


Billy Vincent

Stand On Me
As a relatively new band they have space to make their visions work, they aren’t trapped into any genre or subject, and the album brims over with good songs and... Read more...


Neal Morse

Morsefest! 2014
There is no question that it is a vanity project but for a change it is worth the effort and leaves the listener ultimately very happy. Read more...



Much talked about Hertfordshire singer songwriter's debut album. Rhodes has been picking up momentum for more than a year now Read more...


David Celia

Double Mind
A delightful album that crosses over its genres effortlessly but manages to keep the listener constantly engaged. Read more...


Bixiga 70

Third album from this 10 piece Brazilian outfit and they are sounding ever stronger and more confident in their music and their ability to stretch out and jam. ... Read more...


Sean Taylor

The Only Good Addiction Is Love
This is an album where I cannot pick up a standout track. 11 pieces that all work perfectly within themselves and as part of a larger piece. Read more...



A lovely band and sadly overlooked but this reissue may do a lot to help that. Spring had all the accoutrements to have become one of the behemoths of progressi... Read more...


Death Angel

A Thrashumentary
Death Angel release their first documentary about themselves and their history. Read more...


Ozric Tentacles

Technicians Of The Sacred
This is a superb album, full of shade and light, loaded with melody alongside the grooves and some of the playing is breathtaking. Read more...


The Fratellis

Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied
Bringing it back to their roots with producer of their first album Tony Hoffer, The Fratellis are releasing their new album ‘Eyes Wide Read more...

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Roger Waters

Amused To Death (2015 reissue)
Reissue for Waters' scathing attack on modern consumption. On his recent Desert Island Discs appearance, Noel Gallagher included a Pink Floyd track from The Wal... Read more...


Pete Brown

The Not Forgotten Association
If you are after background, forget it but if you are prepared to invest the energy needed to fully understand his vision and meaning it will be well worth th... Read more...


This Oceanic Feeling

Universal Mind
It is a fine album, flawed but the musicianship is clear and the songs are strong. Read more...


Jared James Nichols

Old Glory and the Wild Revival
There is a lot about this album that I really – and I mean REALLY – like. I really like: power Blues and his guitar has so much attack and punch..... Read more...


Canned Heat

Songs From The Road
The latest in the award winning ‘From The Road’ series from Ruf and this one is a celebration of 50 years of Canned Heat. Read more...


John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon

Stone Cold Sober
The first thing that strikes you about this album is the terrific sense of fun and enjoyment of the music that they are creating. Read more...


Various artists

Jazz On A Summer's Day
The movie is gorgeous, shot at Newport Rhode Island while the Americas Cup was being contested and features as much audience reaction to the music being played ... Read more...


Procol Harum

Procol Harum, Shine on Brightly, A Salty Dog, Home
....they were a massively successful and ground breaking band and over these four albums there are gems aplenty and music that was original and could only have ... Read more...


The Brainiac 5

Exploding Univers
Brainiac 5 sit in many camps but they are true to their origins in the ‘70’s Cornish scene and mix elements of punk, psych, rock and something that is definitel... Read more...


Sarah MacDougall

Grand Canyon
She has a sound that is definably her own but the music has its roots in many different places and you definitely sense this is a full grown album, working on m... Read more...


Mark Morriss

The Taste of Mark Morriss
It’s probably better to remove this album from the sphere of The Bluetones reunion and judge it on its own merit. Read more...



Film Rewiew
Can you feel it? At last, the essence of house music is captured on celluloid. Read more...


Theo Travis' Double Talk

This is a great album and an important one. It comes at a time when less and less music of real worth is hitting the mainstream and it delivers music on many, m... Read more...

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